Zigofiltre is a gridded metallic filter made to fit inside sewers.

These filters let rain waters pass through easily but retain big waste and mud, so they do not block the underground pipes.

Zigofiltre Features

Our Advantages

45 times faster

ZigoFiltre streamlines sewer maintenance, making it possible to clean and manage sewer systems 45 times more quickly than traditional methods.

Money saver

By reducing the need for frequent maintenance, mitigating flood damage, and prolonging infrastructure lifespan, ZigoFiltre offers significant cost savings.


ZigoFiltre protects aquatic ecosystems by preventing waste from entering water bodies, supports biodiversity, and promotes economic and social sustainability through environmental protection and cost savings.

+2000 filters installed

Leading the way in combating water pollution and reducing floods. Our innovative filtration systems are making a significant impact every day. Join us in creating a cleaner, safer Tunisia for everyone.

+4,500 plastic packages are captured each month

By implementing our zigofiltres, we are actively working towards reducing the harmful impact of plastic pollution on marine life and ecosystems.

+ 140 000 Cigarette butts intercepted each month

Every month, Wayout makes a difference by intercepting 140,000 cigarette butts, thereby preventing the pollution of 70,000 m³ of water.

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