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Who We Are

Wayout is a pioneering Tunisian green startup. Our core ambition is to significantly elevate the quality of life for individuals both locally and globally.

We aim to achieve this by diligently working to mitigate the risks associated with flooding, as well as by staunchly advocating for the conservation of our precious marine ecosystems.

Our commitment is to create sustainable and  impactful solutions that safeguard the richness of marine flora and fauna, thereby contributing to a healthier planet for future generations.

Our products


Zigofiltre is a gridded metallic filter made to fit inside sewers.

These filters let rain waters pass through easily but retain big waste and mud, so they do not block the underground pipes.

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Recent  projects

Here are some examples of our recent projects in different municipalities.

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ZigoFiltre: Installation Across Municipalities

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The people behind Wayout !
Youssef Bouzariata
CEO & Cofounder

Amine Shiri
CMO & Cofounder

Mohamed Rammeh
CBO & Cofounder

Koutheir Cherni

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